Welcome! I believe that portraits should be an expression of who you are at your current stage in your life. You are unique, and your pictures should be too!

Gone are the days of boring studio shots, ugly backgrounds, fake posing and looking the exact same as everyone else. Say hello to adventurous sessions that represent exactly who you are! Love hiking? Let's get out into a forest! More of a city-dweller? Let's explore the urban landscape together and create some edgy portraits that feel exactly like you! I live for adventure, and for creating photographs that don't feel average. I want my photos of you to to feel vibrant, raw, real, bold, honest, moody, earthy, and eccentric. Even if all you need is a simple headshot, I want your personality to be shining through, more radiant than ever.

Let's make magic together, and document this amazing time in your life!

"The way Katy can capture light while also making every shot look natural and comfortable is unbelievable."


Osprey Collection


Half-day session (up to 5 hours)
Up to 4 locations
80 final retouched photos
Online proofing to pick your favorites
$400 album or print credit

Kingfisher Collection


3 hour session
Up to 3 locations
60 final retouched photos
Online proofing to choose your favorites
$200 print or album credit

Meadowlark Collection


2 hour session
Up to 2 locations
40 final retouched photos
Online proofing to choose your favorites

Chickadee Collection


1 hour session
1 location
20 final retouched photos
Online proofing to choose your favorites



Sometimes simple is best. I take headshots in my home office against a simple white wall with beautiful natural light. It's quick and easy, and all the focus is on your lovely face! These usually take less than an hour from start to finish.

What's Included:
30 min of shooting time
Taken in my home office against a white wall
3 outfits
Online or in-person proofing
5 hand-retouched photos
Private online gallery for digital downloads and print orders


Every single one of my photo packages includes a digital download of the images, so if you really want to order prints yourself, you can! Heck yes!

That said, I do like to warn people that not all prints are created equal. A lot of places will print things with strange looking colors, greenish casts, too much contrast, and just in general they wont turn out the way they are supposed to look! I spend hours editing photos to make them look a specific way, and bad printing totally reverses all my hard work, which is a total bummer. Because of this, I always recommend that you order prints through me if you want to make sure they come out perfectly.

I offer a HUGE selection of prints, and I try to keep the prices as reasonable as possible! These are just a few of my prices for the most popular print sizes. You can see the full list in the online gallery I send you once your photos are finished.

  • 8 wallets: $11.00

  • 4x6 print: $6.00

  • 5x7 print: $8.00

  • 8x10 print: $13.00

  • 8x12 print: $14.00


On the day of the shoot, we’ll meet at the first location you pick and start shooting right away so that you can warm up in the first 10 minutes or so. Everyone takes a little time to feel comfortable in front of a camera, so don’t worry if you are a little nervous or awkward at first! I love to give a lot of direction, so you won’t just be standing there wondering what to do!

We’ll wander around the location to get a lot of variety in backgrounds and poses, and you’ll be free to change your outfit anytime you want. I also ask any parents and friends who come along to turn around and not watch you while you are being photographed, just because that helps you feel more comfortable and less like you have an audience!

What to wear:

You can bring as many outfits as you want to your session, but most people come with around three. When choosing what to wear, pick your favorite clothes that make you feel the most confident and comfortable. As a general rule, neutrals photograph better than bright colors - it’s a good idea to avoid fluorescent fabrics and really bright shades that will bounce a vibrant color into the shadows of your neck and face (turquoise, bright blues, lime greens, bright reddish orange and coral can all do this). Definitely make sure that everything fits you well! Stay away from anything that might be really tight, really baggy, or really tiny. These articles of clothing can lead to awkward photos that might accidentally show undergarments or make you look larger than you actually are. Also, if a particular color brings out your eyes really well, definitely bring a shirt in that shade! Jewelry and other accessories are always welcome as well, because they make it really easy to make subtle outfit changes as we shoot. Finally, make sure to iron and steam your clothing beforehand - you don’t want it to look wrinkled!


Where to Change:

When shooting on location, there often isn’t a good place to change outfits, so keep this in mind. Most people change in the car or they bring a sheet and change behind it. Also if you plan outfits and undergarments accordingly, you can sometimes change in public without a problem (by putting on pants under a skirt, etc).

Want more info? You can read more on my portrait info page here!


We all have places in our lives that make us feel relaxed and at peace, or places that hold special memories and meaning. Choose a place for your photos that feels like YOU.

I’m happy to help suggest ideas based on what you have in mind, and you also check out my website and blog! And I’m always willing to shoot at new spots (like your home!) that might be special to you.

You can see a list of location ideas on my portrait info page here!