Congratulations - you’re engaged! You must be incredibly excited, and I’m excited for you too! I’m so thrilled that you’ve considered sharing your elopement day with me!

This guide is here to help you understand my pricing structure, booking information, and answer any questions you might have about my work or how I do what I do. Of course, if there’s something I didn’t mention, please feel free to reach out to me!

I can’t wait to hear your love story, and chat with you more!

"The way Katy can capture light while also making every shot look natural and comfortable is unbelievable."


My approach to shooting elopements is both intentional and honest. I’m always looking to find that intersection between what is beautiful and what is real. I shoot in a style that is mostly documentary-based, but I step in when I want to really make something go the extra mile (like with directing people or posing objects, or asking someone to step into a spot with better lighting).

If you are the type of person who feels a little awkward in front of the camera, that’s totally fine! I will work with you and give plenty of direction to make sure you look amazing and feel confident! Ultimately my goal is to make you look like YOU.

One of the most important things to me is my relationship with you. I want to be more like a close friend than just another vendor! I’m the kind of photographer that wants to have tears running down my face, cheering you on, rather than standing quietly on the sidelines. I’d rather be on a more friendly, relaxed level so I can take photos that actually feel real and fun, as opposed to pictures that feel like they were taken from a total outsider perspective.

My style definitely has a little bit of a moody, emotional edge that incorporates natural light and the raw surroundings as much as possible! I absolutely love rich tones and colors. But ultimately, my main goal is to really tell the full story of the day through my photographs - including all the details (the flowers, the scenery, the décor), the candid moments, the pretty photos of you laughing with your family, and the sweet moments of you together in the beautiful place you’ve chosen to get married.


Osprey Collection


All day (9 hours) continuous coverage.
Extra 2 hours on your wedding day, or a 2-hour engagement or day-after session.
All high res edited photos in a gallery
Photos guaranteed in 4 weeks or less
$4000 Album Credit

Kingfisher Collection


7 hours of continuous coverage
All high res edited photos in a gallery
Photos guaranteed in 6 weeks or less
$2000 Album Credit

Meadowlark Collection


5 hours of continuous coverage
All high res edited images in a gallery
Photos guaranteed in 8 weeks or less
$1000 Album Credit

Chickadee Collection


Two hours of continuous coverage
All the high res edited photos in a gallery
Wedding images guaranteed in 10 weeks or less


$350 per hour for extra coverage
$750 for a second photographer


No travel fee for weddings within a one-hour radius of Portland, Oregon

50 cents per mile for PNW weddings more than 1 hour outside of Portland (up to 5 hours of driving)

A plane ticket + a place to sleep for two nights + transportation to the venue (for destination elopements)


I believe in the power of print. In the power of holding your photos in your hands and being able to share that tangible experience with friends and family when you look back on one of the best days of your life.

I offer leather-bound, hand crafted, individually designed albums that will last for generations.

8x8 $800 for 10 spreads
10x10 $1000 for 10 spreads
12x12 $1200 for 10 spreads
Additional Spreads: ​$100 each

Want more album details? Head over to my album page to see a video and learn more about the process!



I absolutely love to turn my engagement shoots into half-day adventures to rugged, beautiful locations. Think of it as a epic day spent making memories with your love - hiking, laughing, even popping a bottle of champagne - just with a photographer there to join you!

Doing an engagement session gives you the opportunity to take some amazing photos together on a day that is MUCH less stressful and busy than your wedding, and it gives us the option to take photos anywhere, without many time restrictions! In addition, it gives you the opportunity to see how I shoot, and get a little more used to being in front of the camera!

When is the best time to do engagement photos?

I shoot engagement photos year round, in any time of weather (rain, sun, snow, you name it!). I typically book sessions at sunrise or sunset for the best romantic lighting, but I often block out more time to make sure we can travel to our locations and arrive at the perfect time of day for light! I also always try to carpool with you if we are going anywhere far away - it saves gas and it helps you get to know me better!

What to wear and bring:

Pick your favorite clothes that make you feel the most confident and comfortable. Make sure everything fits super well! Take into consideration where we are shooting and bring footwear that is cute but also practical! As for colors, I prefer to photograph people in neutrals and solids, because I want the focus on you and your love, not the clothing! It’s a good idea to avoid really bright fluorescent colors because the light can bounce off the clothing and into the shadows of your face, adding a weird color cast to images! This is another reason why it’s a good idea to bring a variety of options in case something doesn’t work. It’s also a good idea to coordinate your outfits, just don’t get matchy- matchy. Pick a general color scheme and play around with it! For example, if one person wears a plaid shirt, have another person wear a shirt or dress with a color that comes from that plaid. Adding different textures to the same scheme looks good too!

Want more details? You can find lots more information on my engagement info page!

Katy Weaver Elopement Pricing_1026


Adventure Session


Half-day or more
Carpool to multiple locations
Proofing gallery to pick your favorites
75 hand-retouched images
Online gallery
$800 Album Credit

Explorer Session


2-3 hours
Carpool to multiple locations
Proofing gallery to pick your favorites
50 hand-retouched images
Online gallery

Katy Weaver Elopement Pricing_1027

Discovery Session


1 hour
One location in Portland
Proofing gallery to pick your favorites
20 hand-retouched images
Online gallery