Columbia River Gorge Wedding Venues

Columbia River Gorge Wedding Venues

I’m pretty obsessed with Columbia River Gorge wedding venues. Why? Because honestly it’s one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. There’s something for everyone - waterfalls, forests, fields, sports, mountains, hiking, breweries, boating, adventure, you name it. A huge percentage of my wedding and engagement sessions take place in the Columbia River Gorge and I am VERY okay with that. It’s close to Portland but it feels like being in another world!

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Columbia River Gorge wedding venues are amazing because they are filled with stunning natural scenery. There are so many epic opportunities for beautiful wedding photos in the Columbia River Gorge. You can take pictures in front of mossy waterfalls, dark forests, heart-stopping cliffs or alongside a beautiful river. If your guests haven’t experienced the Pacific Northwest before, bringing them out to the Columbia Gorge is a perfect way to acquaint them with all the beauty that Oregon and Washington have to offer. The views alone are worth it.


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Location: Bridal Veil Lakes is located in 30 minutes from Portland in Bridal Veil, Oregon along the historic Columbia River Highway. It’s off exit 28 on I-84 between Multnomah Falls and Latourell Falls.

Capacity: Up to 250 guests

Why Bridal Veil Lakes is a fantastic Columbia River Gorge wedding venue: Bridal Veil Lakes is tucked away into the forest and it is SO beautiful and peaceful! The whole area is lush, green, and stunning. The lakeside venue is super private and really allows you to connect with your guest in nature. It’s such a romantic, luxurious venue and it photographs SO well!



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Location: Gorge Crest Vineyards is located about 1 hour from Portland in Underwood Washington, near White Salmon.

Capacity: unknown, but they have several large spaces for indoor and outdoor weddings! My guess is 100+

Why Gorge Crest Vineyards is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: If you want stunning views of Mt. Hood while being surrounded by vineyards, this is your place. The sunny, garden venue has beautiful orchards, wildflowers and views. It’s very picturesque and showcases all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer!



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Location: Gorge-ous Weddings at Wind Mountain Ranch is in the heart of the gorge on the Washington side near Carson.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Why Gorge-ous Weddings is a top Columbia River Gorge wedding venue: the mountains here are SO EPIC. It’s honestly one of the best venues in the gorge because it REALLY shows off the stunning cliffs so well! I love taking pictures here! They have a few outdoor ceremony spots as well as a huge white tent for the reception. It’s a perfect place for a big outdoor wedding!

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Location: The Tin Roof Barn is located on the Washington side of the Gorge, along the White Salmon river near Husum.

Capacity: 150 guests

Why the Tin Roof Barn is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: this is one fun party barn! It’s by far one of the prettiest rustic venues you can find in the Pacific Northwest. The orchards, fields, views and one-of-a-kind barn all make for a classic wedding backdrop. There are lots of beautiful spots to take photos on the property, as well as nearby!

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Location: Cape Horn Estate is located in Skamania on the Washington side of the gorge.

Capacity: 300 people

Why Cape Horn is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: I’ve done weddings at the venue before it changed owners (the wedding pictured above took place in 2012 at the venue formerly called Woodard Creek Landing) and I LOVED the location SO much. It’s in a beautiful part of the gorge with really great cliff views and a lot of beautiful scenic locations close-by for photos! It really gives you a great “feel” of the gorge! The new owners have spruced it up a lot and it seems like a really awesome place for an outdoor party!

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Location: The Ruins Events, (formerly Springhouse Cellars and Wildwood Events) is located in downtown Hood River.

Capacity: 185 outside or 104 inside.

Why The Ruins Events is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: this venue is super unique! If you want to be close to nature but also have a cool architectural, almost industrial vibe, this is your place! The venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces and it’s walking distance to the rest of downtown Hood River (wedding afterparty at the breweries anyone?!). It’s a really different venue and space than a lot of places in this area! Perfect if you love nature but also want a more urban vibe.

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Husum Highlands Bed and Breakfast

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Location: Husum Highlands Bed and Breakfast is located on the Washington side of the gorge near the town of Husum. It’s up a long and winding gravel road with spectacular views of Mt. Hood.

Capacity: 200 people

Why Husum Highlands B & B is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: This venue is gorgeous for photography! The whole location has such lovely lighting and a great mix of backdrops - from open fields to moody forests to pretty gardens. The view of Mt Hood is prety insane too! It’s a really perfect spot for an outdoor wedding!

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Website: it’s current under construction! But check out their wedding wire instead:


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Location: Multnomah Falls Lodge is located off of the historic Columbia River Highway on the Oregon side of the gorge. It’s about 40 minutes from Portland. The waterfall is massive. You can’t miss it.

Capacity: 100 people indoors or 50 outdoors

Why Multnomah Falls Lodge is one of the best Columbia River Gorge wedding venues: because you can get married a few hundred feet away from a 630 foot tall waterfall! How cool is that?! The historic lodge is super romantic too! One caveat to remember - this place gets 2.5 MILLION visitors a year, so I consider it a better option for elopements or shoulder season weddings than anything peak summer. Ideally you want to plan on a time of day when there are less tourists. But I’ve done a stunning intimate winter wedding in the lodge before and it was pure magic!

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Here are a few more Columbia River Gorge wedding venues for you to check out! I haven’t done photos at these spots yet but I would LOVE to do weddings here in the future!

Skamania Lodge

Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

The Perch

Westcliff Lodge

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

The Griffin House

Maple Leaf Events

The Dalles Ranch

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