Oregon Coast Engagement Photos in Neskowin

Oregon Coast Engagement Photos in Neskowin

Foggy Oregon Coast engagement photos in Neskowin

I’ve lived in Oregon for 23 years and I’m still discovering new places all the time. Like Neskowin! This was my first time ever visiting the tiny town on the Oregon Coast, and oh my gosh I was in LOVE. What an amazing place! The seastack, the petrified forest in the water, the tree-covered cliffs, THE FOG, I loved all of it. I’m so excited Rachel and Matt introduced me to this place!

Their story

Both Rachel and Matt are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They met in high school while singing in choir together! They started dating their senior year, and here they are 6 years later! They lived in different cities in college which they said “helped them not morph into the same person,” which I think is hilarious. They are currently STILL doing long distance, as Rachel is living in Boston to get her MFA in Creative Writing for Children’s Books, which is probably the coolest degree I’ve ever heard of. Meanwhile, Matt is doing in Louisiana at LSU getting a law degree! Their proposal was very laid-back. They were home for spring break in March and they were just hanging out in the backyard enjoying themselves when he started asking her what type of ring she’d like. “Is a gold band okay?” he asked. “Yes…” she said. “And you want a solitary stone?” “Yes…” she replied “OK good because that’s what I got.” And then he proceeded to pull out a ring and ask her to marry him right then and there. She wasn’t expecting it to happen until the summer so it was a good surprise!

A special place in Neskowin

So… why did they take their Oregon Coast engagement photos in Neskowin? Because Rachel’s family has a beach house there! She grew up visiting every summer when she was a kid, and her family still spends quality time there today. Naturally, she wanted to take engagement photos in a place that was both special AND beautiful which made it the perfect spot! I was more than happy to come out for a few hours and see a beautiful new location on the Oregon Coast