Timberline Lodge Winter Wedding | Kendhal and Thomas

Timberline Lodge Winter Wedding | Kendhal and Thomas

A cozy winter wedding at Timberline Lodge

It was cold and snowy outside but warm and cozy inside in the heart of Timberline lodge – exactly what Kendhal and Thomas envisioned for their winter Mt. Hood wedding. They wanted lodge-vibes, Christmas trees, snow, and an epic party and that’s exactly what they got!

How they met

“We met at a sorority/fraternity function our Freshman year at OSU. The theme was a “my tie” where the guys take off their ties and put them on a table without the girls seeing – then the girls pick a random tie and that’s your date! I picked a really nice looking white tie that belonged to another girl’s boyfriend at the time so I had to pick another. All the guys were urging me to pick this very tacky Boston Red Sox tie and I did not want to haha but I’m glad I did because it ended up belonging to the cutest guy there; Thomas!”

What was the proposal like? “Thomas proposed. I was having a very dramatic day at work when he texted that his sister and her husband were coming up from Portland to stay the weekend with us (they were bringing up the engagement ring that was made in Newberg, OR!) – our apartment was NOT clean and I was freaked out! I tried to rush home but my bus didn’t show up for about an hour. I was irritated haha. I came home and his sister/brother in-law were out on the town so I started to panic clean while Thomas was just like ,“It’s ok Kendahl, just come sit down! Let’s have a drink, it’s the weekend!” I was not having it but then he coerced me with a pina colada haha. He was a few drinks in as he was nervous to propose but I had no idea. We sat on our couch and he suggested we make up some lyrics to go with a song he was fiddling around with on his guitar. I’m usually not up for that at all but for some reason (the pina colada) I obliged and we started jammin haha. We made up a little song and I said “I wish it had a better ending” and then Thomas got down on one knee and said “well how about this” and then proposed – I didn’t know what was going on and he had to tell me he was serious haha. And then we cried and celebrated!!”

The wedding day

Kendahl got ready in her cozy room in Timberline lodge with her best friends. Her dress was Blue by Enzoani and she bought it and her bridal accessories at La Belle Elaine’s Bridal in Seattle. She wore snow boots for the outdoor photos and some epic Christian Louboutin heels for her indoor ceremony and reception. They did their first look and wedding party photos outside in the snow, and then cozied up indoors with their friends and family for their evening ceremony upstairs in the Raven’s Nest at Timberline Lodge. Their reception was decorated with Christmas trees and warm lighting, with small red and green evergreen accents by the talented Bella Bloom Florals. And for the rest, well, you can see you for yourself