Tübingen, Germany | Travel Photography

Tübingen, Germany | Travel Photography

Back in July I took two weeks off and went to Boston, Berlin, Tübingen, and London. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Tübingen is an adorable little city in the south of Germany, about 30-40 min from Stuttgart. If you have a mental picture of what a really old, quaint, adorable German town looks like, Tübingen probably fits the bill perfectly. It’s situated just over a little river and is filled with crooked cobblestone streets, an old castle, colorful shutters, and of course, Tudor-styled everything. Basically it’s like a little slice of European heaven. My best friend Audrey got to live there for four months, so she can probably describe it better than I can (since I was there for all of two days). However, I remember being distinctively jealous/peeved at her when I got there and was like… wait… you’ve been living HERE? Somehow the gorgeousness of the place had not translated during our short facebook chat conversations. I was not expecting a town that was so… cute! We went out to dinner the first night we got there (at a VERY traditionally German restaurant) and the sky greeted us with a gorgeous sunset. It was love at first sight

We had some fun partying German-style that night at Audrey’s dorm (they have a bar on campus by the dorms… Germans know how to do it). I took this photo from her high-rise overlooking the city and the party. Her dorm was up on the hill way above the town so she had to take a bus to school everyday

The next day we decided to hike to the monastery over the hill in Bebenhousen. Naturally it started raining really hard as soon as we left. Oh well. It was so gorgeous there it didn’t matter

After a very long, very wet hike back over the hill (Audrey’s friend told us he knew a “short cut” through the woods. It was not a short cut. It was like 10km.) we took naps and showers and then adventured back into downtown Tübingen for dinner and dessert

For dinner we went to this amazing little Italian restaurant and I had literally The. Best. Pasta. Of. My. Life. It was gnocci with spinach and garlic in a Gorgonzola cream sauce. I probably still lay awake at night thinking about it. I would have taken a photo but I ate it too fast

After inhaling our food, Audrey continued to give us a walking tour of Tübingen and all of its little wonders

After seeing the sights, we walked back down to the river, ate Gelato, and watched the sun set. It was perfect

And then we went to bed! Haha. The next morning we had to get up at 4am, take a bus, four trains, and a plane to London. But that’s for another post :)