Tiffani and Craig | Portland Wedding Photography

Tiffani and Craig | Portland Wedding Photography

When it comes to love, it’s the little things that matter the most. It’s the giggles you get when you look into each others eyes. It’s the silent eye contact while in a crowded room. It’s the subtle way your bodies move to be closer – reaching out to hold hands when no one is watching. Body language says it all. That’s why when I met Tiffani and Craig for the first time on their wedding day, I knew they were a perfect match.  Their love and respect for one another was visible through my lens. Throughout their day I caught them sneaking glances, kisses, holding hands and giggling together, all while being surrounded by their families and friends. It’s easy to get disctracted by so many people on your wedding day, but these two balanced everything perfectly. They were able to maintain a beautiful connection throughout their busy reception, and still pay close attention to their many guests. I think this focus on each other will make for a beautiful marraige for years to come. Because Tiffani and Craig are both part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the day started out a little differently. They were married on Friday, August 12th, 2011 inside the Portland LDS Temple, so I met them for the first time right as they exited from the gorgeous marble building

After lots of hugging, everyone pinned on their corsages and boutinnieres, and we started taking family pictures

After lots of fun with the family and wedding party, I got to photograph Tiffani and Craig alone! It was challenging because there were at least five other weddings happening at the temple at the same time, so we had to fight for pretty spots to take photos

See what I mean? They totally crack each other up. Adorable

I LOVED Tiffani and Craig’s flowers. So gorgeous

When we were done taking pictures at the temple, we head over to the Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve in Hillsboro for their reception

When Tiffani and Craig arrived, Tiffani was in a different dress and shoes, so I got a chance to photograph her formal gown

And because we had some time before all the other guests arrived, we decided to take more portraits on the beautiful property

When we got back to the reception, Tiffani quickly went upstairs to freshen up and change back into her formal dress

By this time, the guests had started to arrive

Before long, family starting giving toasts

And then they cut their cake

And danced their first dance, of course

Followed by the father-daughter, mother-son, and even the father-son dances! Haha. Lots of love in this group

Unfortunately, I had to leave after the first dances because they had only hired me for about 6 hours – but I was lucky enough to catch a few pranksters decorating the bride and groom’s car

Congratulations Tiffani and Craig! I had a great time working with you and I hope that life in Utah is going great! You are seriously a gorgeous couple and I had WAY too much fun photographing you! Best wishes in your future together!