Alli and Bill | Salem Wedding Photography

Alli and Bill | Salem Wedding Photography

She had a sweet smile. He beamed every time he looked at her. They were ready for this. Their sweet daughter Nora was ready for this. Their family was ready for this. I didn’t meet Bill and Alli until I arrived at their wedding, but I was shocked by how beautiful their relationship was. Calm and happy. Ready to be married. Stress-free, even when some of the kids around them got fussy. We met up at the carousel on the Salem waterfront, then headed to their ceremony and reception at the Grand Hotel and Theatre. It was a perfect way to start the new year.

The carousel operator let everyone ride �

When the ride closed, we headed outside to catch the sunset.

And oh, what a sunset it was!

I’m pretty sure that I fell in love with these two.

Then we went back to the hotel, and they kept getting ready.

Took some family pictures…

And the ceremony was ready to begin! I loved how all the kids helped out.

Before the ceremony stared, a projector screen came down and showed clips from romantic comedies, demonstrating to the audience “what love is.” It was adorable, and something I have never seen done before. [

Nora helped light the unity candle!

They brought in a men’s a capella group for singing- they sounded amazing!

And Bill and Nora had a special father-daughter section of the ceremony. He gave her a special necklace!

“I now pronounce you husband and wife!”

They had a beautiful reception upstairs right afterward- with dessert!


They behaved themselves very nicely cutting their cake.

I took a few ring shots while they were eating

Their family made some heartfelt and hilarious speeches.

And then they had their first dance on the HUGE dancefloor.

I’m a sucker for father-daughter adorable moments.

Nora seemed quite pleased as well!

Bill had fun dancing with the little ladies. I love how little girls jump up and down in circles together when they dance.

And then as things started wrapping up, I pulled Bill and Alli away for a few more special night portraits! First we took advantage of the auditorium where their ceremony had taken place.

Then I found this awesome dark corner that seemed like the perfect place to sneak away to.

Then we wandered out into the freezing cold, I love the old Hollywood feel to the front of the hotel.

They were totally down to go take pictures in a sketchy alley behind the hotel too! I loved this couple, haha. The streetlights were just beautiful.

There is something almost risque about these, but not in a bad way.

Alli and Bill, I loved meeting you and working with you! Congratulations!