Angie and Noelle- Philomath Wedding Photography

Angie and Noelle- Philomath Wedding Photography

I was lucky enough to meet Angie and Noelle through my good friend Virginia. Virginia graduated from Oregon State this past spring, but she is actually an international student born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She came to Oregon about 5 years ago during high school as an exchange student, and stayed with a host family in the tiny rural town of Scio. Angie was her host sister. Virginia models for me often, so Angie saw my pictures of her and asked me to shoot her wedding on 10/10/10. I was beyond excited! Angie and Noelle certainly share something unique and beautiful. Never once during the day did either of them appear stressed- they were content to be with each other and all their closest friends and family. The event was held at the Beazell Memorial Forest outside of Philomath, OR in a gigantic historic barn. It was kind of rainy, but we managed to dodge it pretty well, even catching a few sun breaks here and there.

Angie and Noelle got ready in Salem, so I only caught the tail end of them touching up their makeup before we started taking portraits.

The forest in the fall was an absolutely perfect setting!

They told me that they have never liked a picture of the two of them before. I showed them some of these and they both grinned from ear to ear �

There was a cute old white house on the property that I couldn’t resist using as a backdrop.

And of course we took some in front of the barn itself as well. Love the texture!

Just some headshots of each of them..

And some details before the ceremony..

I love how they used pine cones!

Funny cups filled with drinks to calm their nerves, haha.

When the ceremony started, Angie and Noelle entered on the sides of the barn, met in the center of the aisle and then walked down together. It was a new twist, but I liked it.

The inside of the place was just gorgeous.

They said some beautiful heartfelt vows. Not very many dry eyes in the house.


After the ceremony everyone sat down for a delicious dinner- they had a soup bar! It was soo good.

I took some shots of their rings.

And then they had some touching toasts from their close friends.

An adorable father-daughter dance…

And the party began!

But before they got too crazy, I pulled them back outside for a second when I noticed the sun peaking out for the first time all day.

And then they kept dancing!

(My friend Virginia is the one in the silver dress)

The DJ played the Titanic themesong…

So happy!

Everyone seemed to have a ton of fun!

Congrats you two!