Amy and James' Wedding | Chehalis Wedding Photography

Amy and James' Wedding | Chehalis Wedding Photography

(Warning, this is an extremely long post, haha) I just can’t say enough good things about this couple! In EVERY photo, you could see how totally and completely in love they were. Their day was centered around their love, and they never lost sight of this. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and yes, the couples always love each other, but sometimes they get distracted by friends and family, by decorations, by needing everything to be totally perfect. Not Amy and James. Everything went so smoothly and happily for them and their guests, and if it didn’t go as planned, no one would have ever noticed. This is how all weddings should be, in my opinion. Happy, simple, and about you and your love. Not flowers, cakes, or stress over silly details. The venue, Red Barn Studios, outside of Chehalis, Washington, was totally perfect. The red barn was beautiful inside and out, and the surrounding fields and rivers could not have been more picturesque. Everything coordinated perfectly to create a vibrant primary color scheme. Yes, the 95 degree heat and outdoor ceremony at noon was a little bit challenging, but it didn’t seem to stop anyone from having a great tim

Amy’s beautiful dres

Her sister helped her get ready- it was just them two for awhil

Once she was ready (she didn’t take long), she headed out to the river for her First Look with James. But she ran into some important people on the way̷

Not exactly a short walk… hah

Their first look was a little different- James faced her so that he could see her as she walked down the hill toward him. Seeing her for the first time̷

We headed down to the river for a shot. And yes, that meant walking through REALLY tall gras

It was soo hot already by this point! So we took some in the shad

And got a few shots in front of the bar

Almost forgot something Jame

I couldn’t get enough of this barn… obviousl

And I haven’t even mentioned the HUGE field of yellow dandelions ye

(I’ve known two of the people in these pictures since 1st or 2nd grade! Crazy huh? I’ve also known another two since middle school, and Amy and James since high school! It’s so much fun shooting a wedding party that you KNOW!)

I just LOVE that his two brothers helped him with his jacket like this- totally candi

We took about a million family pictures- here is the big on

And then it was time for the ceremon

Some legal stuff

A nice long receiving line! This little girl was so cut


A little bit of man lov

The reception- inside the barn upstair

Man and Wif


Cutest thing I have ever seen! James played/sang a song just for Amy in front of everyone. I’m pretty sure she was crying like half the time

First dance

Money dance- this little girl was so funn

After all the toasts and the dancing and the cake, they went back outside to play… tug of wa

It turned into jump rope of cour

Congrats Amy and Jame