Don’t let your photos die on a hard drive

Too many photos exist solely on hard drives these days. Weddings are re-lived on little screens as people mindlessly click through images while Facebook notifications distract them and pull them away from their memories.

When was the last time you got to hold a photo in your hand and really experience it in a tangible way? Have you ever been able to look through your parents or grandparents wedding albums with them, slowly flipping through pages and listening to their stories?

There’s something truly magical about holding a giant, heavy, tactile album in your hands and getting to touch and feel the images on the page before you. We interact with photos differently when they are printed. Studies have shown that people actually spend almost twice as long looking at a printed image than a digital image. There’s nothing quite like sitting on a couch with someone you love, snuggling up with a warm cup of tea or glass of wine, and getting to nostalgically re-live one of the biggest days of your life in printed book. It’s a completely different experience than quickly flipping through photos on a device.

My mom made me albums of my entire childhood. If my house was burning down, those photo albums would be among the first things I grabbed because they hold memories that I simply can’t get back. I LOVE getting to sit down and flip back through old photos, and that’s an experience I want to be able to share with you.

“Holy sh*t that is a nice book”

I really believe in the power of print, so I offer the absolute top-of-the-line wedding albums that are available today. Every page has rich, bold colors, printed on incredibly thick, lay-flat pages that are leather-bound to last for generations. These are not the photo books you get from Walgreens. When my fiancé first saw my albums arrive in the mail, the first words out of his mouth were “Holy Sh*t.” These books make a BIG impression. They might cost a little more than your average book, but they will last much, much longer too.

A video of my own proposal album

Want to see another example? I made this album for myself after my now-husband proposed to me in Guatemala! It includes my own travel photos, my professional proposal photos by Marcela Pulido, and a few film photos taken by my husband. It’s an example of how important these albums are to me!

We want one. How does the process work?

Awesome! Here’s how my album process works!

1. Either book a collection that includes an album credit, or purchase an album a la carte! If you buy one a la carte, I will just invoice you for the cost of an 8x8 and we can go from there. 2. I take photos. We have an amazing time. Memories are made. Life is good. 3. I’ll edit the photos and design an album based on my expertise as a photographer. I’ll choose photos that I think tell your story best. I won’t limit the album to a specific number of spreads or pictures, I’ll just design it to tell your story the best way possible. 4. When I’m done, I’ll email you the first draft of the album design, plus send you the online gallery of all the finished photos! Yay! 5. We’ll have a meeting! Either in person or over the phone. We’ll catch up on life and go through the album design together to make changes. You can add, delete or replace photos, and decide if you want to add extra spreads or cut some. I just want you to have the PERFECT book, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings! It’s all about what you want! 6. Decide on the final number of spreads you want, and if you want to upgrade the album size. 7. I’ll send you the final draft of our album design, and once you approve it, I’ll ship it off to get printed! It usually takes about one month once it goes to print. 8. Sit down together to look through your gorgeous book! Don’t forget the tissues and a bottle of champagne!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing? 8x8 - $1,000 for 12 spreads 10x10 - $1,200for 12 spreads 12x12 - $1,400 for 12 spreads Additional Spreads: $100 each

What the heck is a spread? A spread is when you open a book and see two pages laying flat. I charge per spread because I believe it’s more fair than charging per photo. You can fit a lot of photos on one spread if you want, OR you can print one BIG photo and make a huge impact. A good album has a mix of both to tell the story.

You photographed my wedding a few years back, can I get an album now? Yep! I’d be happy to make one for you! Just email me!

What type of paper are the photos printed on? Archival photographic lustre paper! It’s not too shiny but not too matte. The true Goldilocks of paper.

What color covers do you offer? I offer a variety of colors but recommend Camel, Chai, Latte, Charcoal or Storm.

More questions? Just contact me! I’d be happy to explain everything over the phone!