Whether it's just you, me and your dog, or 300 of your closest friends, I'm game. I love getting to witness a love story and meet all the incredible people who have been a part of it along the way. I love the big show-stopping moments and the quiet, intimate ones too. I'm not afraid to hike through the mud with you to find the perfect elopement spot in a forest, or break it down on the dance floor with your aunts, uncles, and drunk friends from college. I love the energy of people and the outdoors and the way that love brings it all together. I love the chaos, the simplicity, and the in-betweens. I thrive on it. It makes me happy.

Why? Because at the end of the day, you and I are usually BFFs. Because when I photograph your wedding, one of the MOST important things to me is my relationship with you. I'm more like a close friend that you can hang with - not just another vendor on your list. I'm the kind of photographer who will have tears streaming down her face during your ceremony, who will be cheering you on the whole day, helping things run as smoothly as possible while drinking a beer with you at the end of the night. I always want to be on a more friendly, relaxed level so I can take photos that feel real and fun, not like they were taken from a total outsider perspective.


My approach to shooting weddings is both intentional and honest

I'm always looking to find that intersection between what is beautiful and what is real. I shoot in a style that is mostly documentary-based, but I step in when I want to make something go the extra mile (like with directing people or posing objects, or asking someone to step into a spot with better lighting).

My style definitely has a little bit of a moody, emotional edge that incorporates natural light and the raw surroundings as much as possible! I absolutely love deep tones and colors that are true to life but have a feeling of rich warmth to them. 

Ultimately, my main goal is to tell the full story of a wedding day through honest, gorgeous photography. This includes the details you put all the hard work into, the candid moments of you laughing with your friends, the family portraits you will cherish for decades, the sweet moments of you alone together in the beautiful place you chose to get married, and the epic party you throw to celebrate!


Have no fear! You see all those photos above in that slideshow? All of those people told me the same thing. Why? Because EVERYONE feels that way (okay, except maybe professional models, but I don't really work with them haha). My fiancé and I get our photos taken sometimes and heck, I feel that way too! So don't worry. I give a ton of direction when I'm shooting so that you never have to ask "what do I do with my hands?!" or feel nervous. I won't put you in awkward poses, but I'll give you cues and directions that will get you moving, laughing, and interacting the way you always do. I don't want to pose you - I just want to make you look like YOU. Your best version of you.  


Interested in working with me? That's awesome! Here's a little insight into how my process works. First - email me! From there we can set up a phone call to get to know each other. I want to hear all about you and your story! Then, you can choose one of my collections and I'll send you an electronic contract and invoice reserve the date! Once I'm booked, we can grab drinks or skype and I'll help you with planning your timeline so we can have the chillest day possible with plenty of extra time to hang with your friends and take all the best pictures. As your wedding gets closer I'll also have you fill out a questionnaire so I have all your vendor information, and I'll send you a document to help with family photos! We'll also schedule a phone call before the wedding to go over everything one last time! Being on the same page is SO important. Then, I'll shoot your wedding! It will be amazing. Afterwards, I'll send you a few previews right away, and then I'll edit a metric ton of photos for you. Some black and white, most in color. I usually deliver around 1000 high res images, give or take, depending on how long your wedding day was. I'll also design you a custom album if your collection includes one! Then we'll setup a meeting, I'll show you the album design, you can make changes/approve it, and I'll deliver your images! You'll get both a USB as well as all the photos in an online gallery. I always deliver my wedding photos in under 10 weeks!


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