Please complete the wedding questionnaire to the best of your abilities! Thank you!

Partner 1 Name *
Partner 1 Name
Partner 1 Phone Number
Partner 1 Phone Number
Partner 2 Name
Partner 2 Name
Partner 2 Phone Number
Partner 2 Phone Number
Mailing address after the wedding *
Mailing address after the wedding
The Wedding Day
Photographer Start Time *
Photographer Start Time
Photographer End Time *
Photographer End Time
If I'm taking getting ready photos, I usually only photograph the tail-end once everyone is 3/4 of the way done.
Let me know if there are any miscellaneous things that are important here! Family heirlooms, letters between you and your spouse, gifts you plan on giving out, details you want photographed, etc
Names, how many people, and their relationships to you!
First Look? *
Religious, non-denominational, backyard, casual, quirky, etc. Tell me as much as you can!
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony Start Time
IE no flash, etc.
Will you be doing a receiving line? *
A receiving line is when the bride and groom wait after they walk down the aisle and they line up to hug/greet every single person at their wedding.
Is there a cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony? *
Please list addresses or landmarks you might know!
Buffet? Family Style? Coursed? Per the contract, weddings over 5 hours require a hot meal for me and my second shooter. I usually try to eat at the same time as the wedding party so I don't miss anything! PS - I am a pescatarian, aka a vegetarian who also eats fish but no meat!
Bouquet toss? Cake cutting? First dances? Tell me all about them and what you want to do.
Deaths, divorces, etc
A theme? Foodcarts? Anything?
Other than the obvious getting ready, ceremony, formals, reception, etc.
About you two
I'm here to listen!