I believe that portraits and senior photos should be a beautiful expression of who you are at this stage of your life. Whether you are 17 or 35, you are unique and your photos should be too! Gone are the days of boring, awkward studio shots, ugly backgrounds, stiff posing, and looking exactly the same as everyone else. Say hello to adventurous sessions that represent exactly who you are!

Love hiking? Let's go to a forest! More of a city-dweller? Let's explore the urban landscape together and create some edgy shots that feel exactly like you. I live for adventure and for making my portraits feel anything but average. In fact, I shrink away from the concept of what portraits, especially senior pictures, "should" be like, and try to approach each session the same way I'd approach any type of photography. 

I want my portraits to feel vibrant, raw, real, bold, honest, moody, earthy, and eccentric.

Above all, I want you to freaking LOVE the experience of working with me. I want you to walk away feeling more beautiful or handsome than you ever have in your life. And I want you to feel as if you just made a new friend in the process.


It's okay. I gotchu. Literally everyone feels that way at first, even me! So don't worry. I give SO MUCH direction when I'm shooting that you'll never have to ask "what do I do with my hands?!" or feel nervous. I'll give you cues and directions that will get you moving and laughing and feeling exactly like yourself!


The most important thing is that you wear your favorite clothes that make you feel the most confident and comfortable! Make sure that everything fits you really well, and remember that baggy or super tight clothing can make you look bigger than you actually are. If you feel self conscious about a certain part of your body, don't wear clothes that show it off! For example, if you don't love your arms, don't wear a sleeveless dress. Also, take the location into consideration and bring shoes and clothes that are cute but also practical. If you are wearing stilettos and a super tight dress in a forest, it's going to look out of place. There are definitely outfits that look more at home in a city, and others that look like they fit better in nature!

In terms of colors, I prefer photographing people in neutral colors and solids because I want the focus on you, not on your clothes! Simple patterns and plaids are okay too - but remember to bring several options so we can pick and choose! It's a good idea to avoid really bright, fluorescent colors because the light can bounce off the clothing and into the shadows of your face, adding a weird color cast to the image! When in doubt, stick to richer, deeper tones or neutrals. Deep reds, burnt oranges, mustards, soft or darker blues, and olive greens always look good. Just avoid the really really bright shades. One other thing to consider is that some tight, high-contrast patterns can create something called a "moire effect" where a weird color or third pattern emerges. This mostly happens with shirts that have tiny, close together, contrasting stripes - so definitely avoid those too! Layering also looks good, especially with pieces that are structured and have good texture, like leather or denim jackets.


We all have places in our lives that make us feel relaxed and at peace, or places that hold special memories and meaning. Choose a place for your photos that feels like YOU. I'm always happy to suggest ideas based off what you have in mind!

Unfortunately there are a few places that are strict about the use of commercial photography on their premises (such as the Pittock Mansion and the Japanese Gardens in Portland). In case you need any ideas for locations around the Portland area, feel free to consider this list of my favorite spots!

In Portland: Hoyt Arboretum, Forest Park, Cathedral Park, George Rogers Park, The Pearl District, various bridges in downtown, the Eastbank Esplanade, Old Town, Alberta Arts District, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Tryon Creek State Park, Lewis and Clark State Park, Laurelhurst Park, The rose garden in Washington Park, Lewis and Clark College Campus, Jenkins Estate, Cooper Mountain

Outside of Portland: Sauvie Island, Timberline on Mt. Hood, White River Recreation Area on Mt. Hood, Timothy Lake, Trillium Lake, Lost Lake, Women's Forum in the Gorge, Latourell Falls, Government Cove in the Gorge, Viento State Park, Dalton Point in the gorge, Steep Creek Falls, Beacon Rock, St Cloud Day Use Area, Rowena Crest, Cape Horn, Cape Disappointment, Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Hug Point, Cape Kiwanda, Smith Rock State Park, Devil's Lake in Bend, Painted Hills, Detroit Lake, Crater Lake, Mt Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, Silver Falls State Park, Proxy Falls, Toketee Falls, Terwilliger Hot Springs, Tamanawas Falls


Want to book your portrait session? That's awesome! Just email me! Then, I'll set up a phone call so I can get to know you a bit! I'll send you my pricing guide and you can choose from my four different portrait collections. To book, I'll send you an electronic contract and invoice. After that, we'll start planning locations and I'll help answer any questions you might have about outfits, etc. On the day of the shoot, we'll meet up at the first location and start shooting right away so you can warm up in the first 10 minutes or so. Everyone takes a little time to feel comfortable in front of a camera, so don't worry if you are a little nervous at first! We'll wander around the location to get a lot of variety in backgrounds and poses, and you'll be free to change your outfit anytime you want. A lot of places don't have public restrooms, so you might have to bring a sheet to hide behind, or change in your car. I also ask any friends or relatives who might come along to turn around and not watch you while you are being photographed, just because that helps you feel more comfortable! No one wants an audience!

After the shoot, I'll upload the photos and get rid of anything awkward, out of focus, or a duplicate, and then I will put the rest in a private online gallery and send them to you as proofs right away. They will be straight out of my camera at this stage, but you will able to look through them all and choose your favorites for me to edit and retouch. Each of my collections has a specific number of final images, so depending on which one you get you'll be able to choose 20, 40, 60 or 80 images for me to edit. Once you finish selecting your favorites and email me, it will take two weeks for me to edit them and get them back to you! When I'm done I'll send you a second online gallery where you can download them directly or order any prints you might want! 


Email me! Or reach out on Instagram! And feel free to browse through my blog to see full sessions!