How do you sum up your entire personality
into a few paragraphs and photos?


What I can tell you is that I’m totally quirky. That I’m a birdwatcher. That I’m really good at drawing on etch-a-sketches. That I love cloudy weather and I love drinking red wine with my friends. That I think pets are awesome. That I paint sometimes when I feel sad or inspired. That I’m definitely an extrovert and the worst part about my job is being alone on my computer during the day. That I like to make people laugh. That I’m terrible at running. That people often tell me that I talk too fast. That traveling fills me with a joy that I cannot explain. That I’d rather be outdoors. That I have a weakness for Crunchwrap Supremes and homemade chocolate-chip cookies. That someday I want to write a book. That I absolutely adore making people feel beautiful.

I believe that we are all infinitely complex beings. To simplify a person to a collection of their interests is to lose all the beautiful in-betweens that they share with the world. The way they look when they laugh without abandon; the sarcastic comments they say to their close friends; the tone of their voice when they are nervous but trying not to show it – these are the little things that make us unique. These are the little things I want to try to show you in my photos: the momentary beauty in the subtleties of this world.

So, who am I? I am someone who wants to get to know you better. I want you to trust me so that I can see you, see your love story, see the way that you live your life and document it all in the most honest and beautiful way that I can. I’m looking to work with people who share a love for gorgeous, authentic images who want to collaborate with a photographer who feels more like a friend than a stranger. If you think I might be the right person to take your pictures, please reach out to me! 



I've been doing an ongoing self portrait project for the past year as a way to document my own life more, as well as share more personal thoughts! You can check out my most recent shots above, or look up #katyweaver52 on Instagram to see more!